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  1. SearchDay | Who Audits the Auditor?

    Aggressiveness PROFITABLE PPC When it comes to PPC bids, should you start low and build up? Today's Top Story: MarkJackson Who Audits the Auditor? AU NATURAL There are some individuals and companies who will provide SEO audits.

  2. PPC Bidding Strategies: Prudence vs. Aggressiveness

    When you start a new PPC campaign, is it better to start out with low bids, and then gradually increase them to gain better position, more clicks and better ROI? Or is it better to start out with high bids, and then lower them over time to obtain...

  3. Winning a Search Advertising Bid War

    There was also rising bid pressure—both from increasing aggressiveness by primary competitors and novices jumping on the search bandwagon. What do you do? Pull back? Hunker down? Or counter-attack? A special report from the Search Engine Strategies...