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African Nations

  1. CIVETS: New Global Marketing Opportunities in Emerging Economies

    As the Colombian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Egyptian, Turkish and South African nations reinvent their nations into attractive hubs for global trade, you should be ready to meet their needs and capitalize on their growth before the competition does.

  2. Google Doodle Remembers Hungarian Revolution

    Similar to how the recent revolution in Egypt spawned movements in other African and Middle Eastern nations, the Kingdom of Hungary revolution of 1848 gave birth to other uprisings of the Habsburg Austrian Empire including Austria, Germany, and...

  3. Localizing Websites: Why it Pays to Target Countries and Not Languages

    And that's not even bringing in the regional differences between Chinese dialects, or the French spoken in France and that spoken in Quebec, or in Francophone African nations. In a struggling economy, it seems obvious that the best course of action...

  4. 31 Top Cultural Factors to Consider for International Search

    In many African nations, for instance, a large percentage of web access takes place in Internet cafes. In a previous column, I talked about 10 fundamentals of international search marketing, noting that dealing with environmental factors is one key...