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  1. CIVETS: New Global Marketing Opportunities in Emerging Economies

    As the Colombian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Egyptian, Turkish and South African nations reinvent their nations into attractive hubs for global trade, you should be ready to meet their needs and capitalize on their growth before the competition does.

  2. Funny Flirting with Siri; The Apple of My iPhone

    However, the answer that made me gasp was, "it depends on whether you are talking about African European wood. This week, I've mostly been playing with Siri. Not being in possession of an iPhone 4S myself, I have been borrowing one from the...

  3. Google Doodle Remembers Hungarian Revolution

    Similar to how the recent revolution in Egypt spawned movements in other African and Middle Eastern nations, the Kingdom of Hungary revolution of 1848 gave birth to other uprisings of the Habsburg Austrian Empire including Austria, Germany, and...