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Adwords Quality Score Page Load

  1. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Page Load Time Affects Quality Score In its everpresent goal to improve ads, Google AdWords added yet another factor to Quality Score - landing page load time. Google AdWords offers TV Ads for everyone.

  2. Google to Roll Out AdWords Quality Score Improvements

    Quality Score Now Affected by Landing Page Load Time The team at Google AdWords has announced that they will be rolling out improvements to Quality Score in the coming weeks. Also, Google is hoping to update AdWords Editor and the AdWords API to...

  3. SearchDay: Delving into SearchMonkey

    Posted by abbottsysStarting today, load time evaluations for AdWords landing pages will be displayed on the Keyword Analysis page, for your review. Starting mid-June, landing page load time will be incorporated into your Quality Score.

  4. PPC Triage Now! Emergency Action Steps for Dying AdWords

    Finally, be advised that Google has recently announced that PPC landing page load times will soon affect the Q-Score. Whereas “bid” used to equal any given ad’s position on the paid SERPS, now the ever-imposing “Quality Score” (Q-Score) + “bid...

  5. Load Time Impacts Google Quality Score

    A member over at WebmasterWorld found that web page load time is now a factor in Google's Qulaity Score for AdWords. This was started last month and may be the one thing people have been overlooking when examining what impacts their QS numbers.