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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    For those who might not know what those little "ad" symbols indicate on your search results, these are ads in Google’s AdWords program. Paid methods are items such as Google AdWords (the sections of the search engine that you pay to be in), or ads...

  2. Google Announces New Approach to Working with Ad Agencies

    Google is retiring its long-standing Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) program and replacing it with a new Google AdWords Certification program for those managing AdWords accounts on behalf of advertisers.

  3. SearchDay | What Should You Do When You Get Canned?

    All employees were eligible for the program that ended this past Monday. How to set up a Adword account with 2 or more users, separate login Mar 10, 2009 hello, A customer of mine as asked me to set up a Google Adwords account for him.