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Adwords Google Campaigns Paid Search Opportunities Tab

  1. The New AdWords Opportunities Tab - How to Get the Most Out Of It

    Google announced an enhancement to the Opportunities tab in AdWords in November that aimed to help streamline paid search campaigns and make day-to-day management easier. I ran the keywords through Google's Traffic Estimator tool to see if the...

  2. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement

    Select the Keywords tab Next, run a “Diagnostics Report” by: selecting the “Keywords” tab →”More Actions”→ “Diagnose Keywords” From the keywords tab, select “Keywords Details” →”All” to see the exact keywords that were triggered for a specific...

  3. Adding Negatives: How to Filter Out Bad Paid Search Clicks & Prospects

    Go to the Shared library section of the campaigns tab. Keyword Suggestions - Google’s Keyword Suggestion tool, Opportunities > Ideas > Keywords) are often so off the mark that they, ironically, make good candidates for negatives.

  4. The Search Engine Update - Number 162 - Dec. 2, 2003

    Behind the scenes, search engines will one day automatically push the correct tab for your query and retrieve specialized search results. Now the LookSmart site has gained an "Articles" tab to alert those visiting LookSmart itself that article...