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  1. SearchDay | Launch Google Freedom Now

    Google Releases Audio Indexing into Google Labs Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 17, 2008 In July, Google launched an iGoogle gadget that enables video speech search for select election videos. Part 2 BY THE NUMBERS Deciding whether to outsource...

  2. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    For example, Google supplies audio advertisers with a free bank of toll-free phone numbers, so response rates of individual ads or radio stations can be easily tracked. Advertisers have access to low-cost resources for producing audio and TV ads.

  3. Search Engine Ad Reps: Friend or Foe?

    Blinkx includes audio content from universities. In one example, his agency engaged in a test program with AdWords. The Google sales team makes it very clear that they consider AdWords advertisers to be their clients—not the agency's," said Svendsen.