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  1. As Goes Paid Search, So Goes the Election?

    The 23 keyword terms sponsored by that gained the most impressions pre-election included both Barack and Michelle’s names (and Bill Clinton’s) as well as several topical issues of importance to Obama’s supporters (Obamacare...

  2. It's “Horses for Courses” at SES London 2009

    First two conference registrants pay full price, the third person from the same organization, registering at the same time qualifies for 50% off their registration fee. And this will enable your organization to put different "horses" on different...

  3. The Google Content Ad Fraud Lawsuit: Just the Facts, Ma'am

    He is active in the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) and was the author of two lessons in SEMPO's Advanced Search Advertising course. Google may have changed the campaign creation process and user interface sometime between...

  4. Highlights from the SEW Blog: February 25-29, 2008

    SEMPO Running Agency Salary SurveyHaving successfully completed an in-house search marketers' salary survey, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization is conducting an online salary survey of agency-based search marketers.