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  1. Google Makes Proximity an Ad Ranking Factor, Opens New Mobile Ad Features

    Google took the opportunity to both recap their existing mobile ad features and unveil a few new tricks in a recent blog entry. The first new feature is a chance for deeper app interaction through the Google App Extensions for AdWords.

  2. Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Volkswagen Still Favored to Win

    Oh, Eric Wilbur's Boston Sports Blog's "Super Bowl Pick Roundup" says, "clearly, no commercial will top Volkswagen's entry. In addition, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Audi, and HomeAway are using Google AdWords campaigns to promote their Super Bowl ads.

  3. Bing Search in IE9; Skyhook Sues Google; Latest comScore Search/Mobile Stats & More Search News

    The micro-blogging site's multimedia opportunities for brands follows Facebook's entry into online video advertising. Facebook has introduced a dashboard that allows them to see basic information about each of their accounts in a single window...

  4. SearchDay | Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability

    The SiteSearch product was an early entry in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space. The business model was one employed by many an internet entrepreneur - bid on AdWords and . Concerns Over Google's Monopolistic Actions Make Their Way to DOJ...

  5. Q&A with Jason Calacanis, Founder & CEO,

    Low barriers to entry, easy-to-deploy software, media, and VC-fueled frenzy. The prize is $1 million in AdWords, 12 hours on the Google Jet, and a MacBook Air autographed by Steve Jobs. A decade ago, folks thought a GeoCities page or a blog at...