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  1. SearchDay | Battling Click Fraud

    Part II SEW EXPERTS: PROFITABLE PPC Last week's discussion of Google Conversion Optimizer generated a flood of user questions. Google AdWords Launches New Traffic Model for Ad Planner Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 30, 2009 Last year, Google...

  2. SearchDay | Bribing People With $50 Gift Cards: Part Deux

    Google AdWords Opens Up Conversion Optimizer Eligibility Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 29, 2009 Google AdWords has opened up Conversion Optimizer to greater eligibility. Customers who use AdWords' free Conversion Tracking tool and have at least 30...

  3. SearchDay | Interpreting Keyword Reports

    AdWords Conversion Optimizer Releases New Eligibility Requirements Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 13, 2008 AdWords Conversion Optimizer has new eligibility standards that should make it easier for more people to use the tool.

  4. SearchDay: What Are You Converting?

    Website Optimizer Enables Pruning and Offline Validation Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 20, 2008 Google has released a major update to Website Optimizer, which contains new features that will have users breathing a sigh of relief.

  5. SearchDay: Creative Messaging in a Direct Response World

    As announced today over at the Official Google Blog, they will be holding a webinar about Google Analytics, Website Optimizer and Webmaster Tools. Google Holding Free Webinar On Analytics, Optimizer and Tools Posted by Frank Watson Jun 26, 2008 Set...

  6. Google Launches Adwords Editor 6.0

    Compatibility with AdWords features: Version 6.0 now supports CPC placement targeting and certain functions with Conversion Optimizer campaigns. According to the Adwords Agency blog, here are the new features: