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  1. Most Wanted Celebs Expose Searchers to Malware

    In fact, searches centered on pictures and downloads of Collins yielded more than a "14.5 percent chance of landing on a website that has tested positive for online threats, such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware...

  2. Reinstalling My PC, Part 2: Secure Your PC, For Free!

    Both will scan your computer for spyware, adware and malware programs, and offer you the option of removing the programs they find. So when reinstalling, it make sense to secure your like-new PC as best as possible.

  3. SearchDay: Conducting a Redirect Audit on Your Web Site

    Yahoo Releases Safe Search Product into BetaPosted by Nathania JohnsonYahoo has teamed up with McAfee to develop SearchScan, a new safe search service that alerts users to "risky" sites with security concerns including spyware, adware and other...

  4. Yahoo Releases Safe Search Product into Beta

    Provides always-on alerts to users for "risky" sites with security concerns including spyware, adware and other malicious software Yahoo has teamed up with McAfee to develop SearchScan, a new safe search service.

  5. Search and the Law: Professor Eric Goldman

    He teaches courses on Cyberspace Law and Intellectual Property, and his research focuses on Internet and marketing law topics such as search engines, spam and adware. As part of a series looking at Internet and intellectual property law, Eric...

  6. Searching Via Internet Explorer 7 & The Battle To Be The Default Search Engine

    If I want Google to be my default, I probably don't want something to try and change that behind my back -- and many have had bad experiences with adware and spyware doing exactly that. Explorer 7 has been released in final format, I wanted to...

  7. Daily SearchCast, May 3, 2006: Would Microsoft Marry Yahoo?; The Flow Of Visitors From Amazon To Google; Class Action Suit Against Yahoo Over Adware Distribution & More!

    Today's search podcast covers news that Microsoft and Yahoo have talked partnering; stats on how much traffic was going from Amazon to Google; a class action suit filed against Yahoo alleging fraud over adware and other paid listing...

  8. Daily SearchCast, April 4, 2006: Measuring Relevancy Through Ego Search; Is Your Adware Making Fraudulent Clicks?; When To Say No To Nofollow; Newpapers Shouldn't Hate Search & More!

    Adware Said To Generate Fake Clicks On Yahoo Search Marketing Ads Today's search podcast covers whether ego searches are good for measuring search relevancy; automated click fraud; when and when not to use the nofollow attribute on links; why...