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  1. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    The letter seeking more clarification on behalf of “dozens” of human rights groups was written by Reps. Their concerns include what Google does internally to ensure sexually exploitative ads don’t appear; Google’s stated internal policy on these as...

  2. YouTube TrueView Ads Pump Up Search Traffic, Conversions for TRX

    In addition, he learns more from his YouTube and Google ad reps in terms of structure, well-designed content, and timing. Prospects who saw a TRX video ad but didn’t purchase were targeted with a special New Year’s promotion that drove even more...

  3. Desperately Seeking Stats to Prove the Value of Branded Keywords

    Glueck was referring to the assumption by many search engine marketers (and major search engine sales reps) that buying non-branded terms will put you in front of buyers who are not so far down the buying funnel.