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  1. Social Advertising Revenues Forecast to Grow 31% in 2014

    But now that they are public, a significant amount of their manpower is dedicated to building a self-service media buying interface. Marketers will also need to be able to tie things like customer retention and customer service to their efforts.

  2. Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing

    Rags to riches: These stories are about being true to one’s self, with one of the best known examples through Willy Wonka. Connecting your Twitter account to a service like Instagram will also assist with enabling imagery as part of your stream.

  3. Twitter Finally Tests Self-Serve Advertising Platform

    Earlier [in November], Twitter began testing self-service advertising with a handful of existing advertisers," a spokesperson for the San Francisco-based Internet firm wrote in an e-mailed statement. Fourteen months after CEO Dick Costolo...

  4. Everyone Is Rushing To Stop FTC's Do Not Track Registry, Why?

    The impact of a Federally regulated Do Not Track registry has search engines and other online advertising vendors scurrying to self regulate. The group has created a website - BetterAdvertising - to inform the industry and people in general of...

  5. Are the Brains of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Sartorially Challenged?

    She is a founding member of the board of directors of and a founder of Self-Service SEO. At the Net nexus of technology, advertising and wherever your imagination takes you, Search combines the greatest intellects of myriad...

  6. SearchDay | Interpreting Keyword Reports

    MySpace Launches Self-Service Ad Platform Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 13, 2008 MySpace has launched a new self-service ad platform. SEM CROSSFIRE To achieve SERP nirvana, your search engine optimization and paid search efforts must have the same...

  7. SearchDay | Who Audits the Auditor?

    AOL's Platform-A Unveils Plans for Self-Service Ad Marketplace Exchange Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 23, 2008 AOL's Platform-A is planning to launch a new self-service marketplace exchange for advertisers.

  8. SearchDay: Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

    Debuting at SES San Jose, Ad Director uses self-learning technology to optimize millions of combinations of keywords, landing pages and ads across the major search networks. WebTrends Launches New Service to Reduce Wasted Ad Dollars Posted by...

  9. Standards? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Standards!

    Professionalism is Self-Governing We're a service tied to the regulations of marketing and advertising, the standards of ethical business practice, and, in many cases, extensive legal review. It's impossible to have true SEO standards when the...