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  1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday PPC: How Did Retailers Prepare?

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday, often looked at by holiday enthusiasts as the official start of the retail holiday season, results in a great deal of advertising. Advertising endeavors for those retailers partaking in Free Shipping Day may be...

  2. Top 10 High Impact Google AdWords Innovations to Watch Now

    This feature also appears to have advanced integration with the Google Offers product in that one can save the deal to “my offers”. Do these new features have you excited about the future of PPC? Remarketing for Search

  3. Back to School: Now That’s What I Call a PPC Strategy!

    Back to school shoppers aren’t just looking for a deal – they’re also looking for value. Build out your paid search keyword list and make sure you allocate time and budget to optimize your campaigns for all the products shoppers are looking for.