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  1. SearchDay | Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn

    More from the Mailbag: Quality Score Mysteries and Great PPC Learning Resources PROFITABLE PPC David digs into the reader mailbag to discuss Google's quality score issues, and some good beginner resources for learning PPC advertising.

  2. SearchDay | The Geometry of SEM -- What's your Angle?

    Yahoo Also Launches Site Defending Search Ad Deal with Google Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 30, 2008 Last week, Google launched a site that explained what they feel are the facts behind their search advertising agreement with Yahoo.

  3. SearchDay | Judging PPC Performance

    Yahoo's Sue Decker Weighs In on the Defense of the Search Ad Deal with Google Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 29, 2008 Yahoo President Sue Decker took to the Yahoo Anecdotal blog to defend the search advertising deal her company struck with Google...

  4. SearchDay | Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word

    Assistant Attorney General Thomas Barnett expressing their opposition to an advertising deal between Yahoo and Google. The deal, which has come under much scrutiny from the US Department of Justice and a U.S.

  5. SearchDay: PPC Advertising: Art or Science?

    The deal would have to be struck with a new board, not with Jerry Yang and his current set of cohorts. It could include a full acquisition or an alternative deal for . PROFITABLE PPC Pay-per-click advertising is 10 percent art, and 90 percent science.