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  1. Mobile Advertising Measurement: Winning the Long Game

    Advertising is a fundamental component of most mobile marketing campaigns, from just launched apps to well-established enterprise-level organizations with strong brand recognition. Approaches to advertising fall into two general categories: long...

  2. Black Box Paid Search Ads Showing on Right Rail

    Thankfully, paid search has become a widely accepted form of advertising for pharmaceutical brands over the past few years. This is one reason they are most likely searching for an unbranded query and not utilizing brand names that they have been...

  3. Links Should Only Be a Surprise? Nonsense!

    Succinctly said, we live on the Internet now, and even though the death of television advertising is often overstated, marketers are allocating more funds toward Internet marketing. This is untrue of television advertising.

  4. Yandex Keyword Data Now '(Not Provided)'

    But Yandex, on the other hand, has said that they are simply protecting the users from advertisers gaining valuable market data on their customers through things such as widgets, counters, and advertising tools placed on the landing page...

  5. RIP Bing Ads Express

    After launching, there were high hopes that the beta program would simplify online advertising on Bing for businesses that didn't have the expertise or resources to focus on paid search. Bing Ads Express is going away July 30, according to an...

  6. Financial Services PPC Ads: Words That Work [Study]

    What word combos have you found to be most successful in financial services PPC advertising? Bing Ads has helped out with the science by analyzing word choice in PPC ads across verticals such as education, retail, travel, and diet and exercise.

  7. Link Building for Real Estate Websites

    They're showcasing different styles of houses and features, promoting their advertising from other avenues, promoting their other social campaigns, and of course showing pictures of the houses you can buy.