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Adsense Search Ad Placement

  1. It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas: Changes At Google to Increase Ad Spends

    The ad and image placement policy stated: Interestingly, some are like the methods AdSense publishers used to use to increase CTRs before Google banned them. A few years ago, some creative AdSense publishers used to place pictures in front of the...

  2. Google Updates AdSense Program Policies Page

    Ad placement in emails and email programs: This updated policy clarifies that Google ads , search boxes, and search results may not be placed in emails, as well as alongside emails. Google brand violations: This policy has always existed in our...

  3. What Can TV Learn from Search?

    Contextual ad placement can be effective in search where a query can serve as a proxy for user intent. In other words it's not just effective placement, but direct response capability that has made search marketing shine.

  4. Placement-Targeted Campaigns: Taming the Beast

    According to Google, a new placement-targeted campaign starts out with a low quality score – an intentional "demerit" designed to inhibit "spammers" from deluging AdSense publisher sites with low-cost, low-quality ads.

  5. Content Ad Campaign Keyword Strategy Revisited

    The number one reason for content advertising campaign failure is because ads frequently appear on untargeted, irrelevant pages, but you can control ad placement more precisely by including a small number (20-40) of keywords in your keyword...