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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    They could also be press releases, syndication, blog outreach, affiliates, or even AdSense. It does get confused with AdSense sometimes and those are two different animals. Paid methods are items such as Google AdWords (the sections of the search...

  2. Susan Wojcicki Replaces Salar Kamangar as Head of YouTube

    Wojcicki helped lead seminal projects such as image search and AdSense. All three of them rose up through the ranks in the ads organization, although Kamangar also worked on products like Gmail and Docs.

  3. New Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress Lets You Verify Your Site, Manage AdSense

    Simply click the appropriate area you would like your AdSense ads to appear, and the plugin will do the rest. There are some other third-party AdSense plugins that have been released previously, but most of them rely on having widgeted areas where...

  4. How to Find a PPC Niche & Attract Customers

    Placements: And you don’t need to jockey for position on AdSense sites with dozens of ads just because those sites are totally relevant to your product. In search marketing, you attract with ads. While there are many ways to construct an ad to...