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  1. Daily SearchCast, June 22, 2006: Ask Not On Google Answers About Google; Should Google Dump Results Counts?; Google And Adobe Partner & More!

    Both Adobe (PDF link) and Google have announced a new deal where Adobe will distribute the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer as part of Adobe That was supposed to begin yesterday, and bundling with other Adobe products will happen in the future.

  2. Google Sends Settlement Notices In Click Fraud Class Action Case

    To view these documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. On the site, you will find links to the official settlement notice and settlement FAQs, both of which are in .PDF format. Google has now sent out notices to advertisers advising them of...

  3. Turbocharging Adobe Acrobat

    Meanwhile, Adobe has repeatedly "enhanced" its free Acrobat reader, with each new version taking an ever-increasing amount of time to start up. Google was the first search engine to index PDF files back in 2001.