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Adjustable Rate Mortgage

  1. An industry in search of a silver bullet

    Immediate concern among delegates focused on the wave of adjustable-rate mortgages due to reset this year. So-called higher-priced mortgage loans would be singled out under the proposal. The Fed has proposed rules - out for consultation until April...

  2. Liquidity or bust?

    It was Miles, in his capacity a professor of finance at Imperial College, University of London, who wrote the 2004 Treasury paper: "The UK Mortgage Market: Taking a longer-term view", which advocated an "American Mortgage" system of long-term...

  3. US regulators turn their attention to negative equity

    According to UBS, between 11% and 15% of Alt-A, option adjustable-rate mortgages (Arms) and subprime loans originated after 2006 already have an outstanding balance greater than the value of the property.

  4. Pimco's head of MBS sees upside in illiquid markets

    Further cuts would mitigate the effects of interest rate resets on adjustable-rate mortgages (Arms), which have concerned many in the industry, prompting a series of government initiatives to speed the modification of loans.