SEO News


  1. The Search Agency Launches Local Search Campaign Management Platform

    AdMax Local pre-compiles AdWords and adCenter keyword groups, and then it checks spending and response in the particular category to estimate the optimal budget. The Search Agency has launched an automated alternative that lets search resellers get...

  2. Setting up PPC Campaigns

    Most advertisers will focus their efforts on AdWords (Google) and adCenter (Yahoo/Bing). Are you starting your own PPC campaign and want to know how to get everything set up for optimal efficiency? What is the best approach to starting PPC?

  3. Integrated Marketing Checklist: Tying Together Your Promotion Across Platforms

    AdCenter Text ads are best on adCenter. I recently received an email blast advertising a shoe sale on a well-known shoe website. I didn’t think I needed new shoes (WHAT? and deleted the email. A few days later I found out about a business trip and...

  4. Tell Me Three Times: A 3-Pronged PPC Balance System

    Don’t rely on your AdWords or adCenter or Facebook PPC data exclusively for data on the health of your account. We lost a client recently. Not because of anything we did (if it were that kind of story, I wouldn’t be telling it here).

  5. How to Easily Get More Ad Traffic on Yahoo & Bing

    Unfortunately, many advertisers report that their spend on adCenter is less than 30 percent of their total search advertising budgets. It’s been proven that the searchers in the adCenter marketplace are likely to spend 26 percent more than the...