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  1. Search Engine Industry has its own Version of March Madness

    And this event is actively supported by Taskforce Search the Dutch branch of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). There are other events, including ad:tech Syndey, March 10 - 11, 2009, the International Search Summit in Oslo, March 13, 2009...

  2. SearchDay | Maintaining Your Image in the SERPs

    The one I had my heart set on ends up having a lot of bad recent feedback and a not so good better business bureau rating. Al Warms headed up Yahoo News, Tech and Education, and came to Yahoo through the acquisition of Buzztracker.

  3. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    Research commissioned for the Internet Advertising Bureau's search engine committee finds that conversion often happens weeks after the initial clickthrough from a search engine. Disclosure of paid inclusion comes up as an issue during a panel with...

  4. Search Engine Marketing and Branding Challenges

    Since the release of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Search Engine Effectiveness Committee's study on the brand lift of textual paid search results, branding through the search engines has suddenly become a hot topic.

  5. Search Engine Marketing Finally Getting Respect

    But also notice how none of the studies mentioned, and done in conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, examined the effectiveness as paid listing-style ads among the choices tested. One Net Stock That Isn't Poised to GoTo Zero...