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Ad Targeting Facebook Ppc

  1. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    I was doing in-house PPC at the time, and we actually hired an intern to update ad copy for us, it was that arduous to do manually. It's like AdWords Editor for Facebook. Facebook Power Editor If you're running more than one simple Facebook Ads...

  2. Google, Bing & Yahoo Tracking the 2012 Presidential Election Results

    Clever Obama is already targeting the term for PPC ads, but Romney must not have bid quite high enough for his campaign website to appear alongside Yahoo’s Electoral Scoreboard. Like Google, Facebook is reminding its U.S.users that it's Election...

  3. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    Set an objective; as Facebook says in their targeting help documentation, “Our system will optimize your ad or sponsored story’s delivery by showing it to the people who are most likely to take the action you select as your objective.