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  1. 5 Invaluable (And Free!) Tools Every Online Marketer Should Get to Know

    Key verticals range from Global Places to Healthcare Providers, Restaurants to Consumer Products. Facebook Paid Ad Units Cutting-edge marketers agree, Facebook Paid Ad Units are the new black… or, the other white meat of the FB advertising realm.

  2. Facebook Advertisers Testing New Sponsored Stories Actions: Want, Own, Played & More

    And with Facebook's IPO expected to come in May, there's little doubt execs want to bolster its ad products. Meanwhile, agencies and brands will be chomping at the bit to hear how played, want, own, and other verbs fare within Sponsored Stories ad...

  3. Facebook Acquires Gowalla, Tests Negative Feedback Feature, Expands in NYC

    So we don't believe today there is any need for us to get into sentiment analysis products. Facebook collaborated with Nielsen to hopefully make its ad units - especially Sponsored Stories - more attractive to marketers.

  4. News Picks: More Instant Fallout, for Sale, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn All See Growth

    Lee Odden previews his SES Hong Kong session, at which he will discuss the answers to some important social media questions that companies are asking worldwide: How do you listen to what is being said about your products or services?