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  1. How to Easily Get More Ad Traffic on Yahoo & Bing

    Ad Position: For ads that are serving on the mainline (or even on the first search engine results page), an increase in bids could help increase your impression and click traffic. Impression Share Reporting – New reporting options are now available...

  2. Live Search Adds Fourth Mainline Ad Position in the UK

    Live Search has added a fourth mainline position for its search ads in the UK. Live Search added a fourth mainline in the U.S.last September. Writing on the adCenter blog, Tina Kelleher says, "After listening to your feedback around wanting to...

  3. Microsoft adCenter Launches Learning Center

    Microsoft Increases Mainline Ads on Live Search from 3 to 4 From figuring out where your ad is in the Live Search results to tracking conversions, the Live Team wants the Learning Center to help with every step of the process.