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  1. Win Earned, Owned and Even ‘Paid’ Links With Content

    Content flow: Work on how to ensure consistency of delivery and that what you deliver has variation to ensure it is engaging and retaining. But as digital grows up to become a competitor for those ad dollars it is also time for us to begin thinking...

  2. Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads at #SESChi

    Social media advertising will be a huge part of all of our media budgets in the future, we just have to be patient for the ad delivery methods to catch up with our budgets. Those ads led to an interview for aimClear with Ad Age magazine.

  3. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    Set an objective; as Facebook says in their targeting help documentation, “Our system will optimize your ad or sponsored story’s delivery by showing it to the people who are most likely to take the action you select as your objective.

  4. 7 Reasons Why Google Instant Makes SEO Dead-on Relevant

    A key motive for streaming search results, aside from speedy delivery, is justified by Google's business model in general, rather than part of a wider move to eradicate spam or 'kill SEO'. The net effect of this will be a price war for top paid ad...