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  1. Win Earned, Owned and Even ‘Paid’ Links With Content

    It’s the basis of inbound marketing and the currency traded among the globe’s largest media agencies to cover everything from TV and radio to print and digital ad spend. The deal should then be easy: offer it as an "exclusive" for their blog...

  2. Radio Embraces Search Marketing

    The largest radio station groups are very tuned into their online opportunities, with both traffic and ad dollars as key priorities. At last week's Radio Convergence meeting, the movers and shakers from radio's digital arena were on hand to discuss...

  3. Google Analytics' Cross-Channel Measurement

    If the person responds "I heard about it on the radio," you have a great indication of a win for that ad. One thing that attracted them was Google's auction model for radio. This underscores one general problem with these kinds of schemes: people...