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Ad Clicks Adwords Rotation

  1. 5 AdWords Optimization Checkpoints You May Be Missing

    By default ad rotation is based on clicks, so AdWords will serve ads with the most clicks more often. Ad Rotation Ad rotation is in setting under advanced settings, ad delivery at the campaign level, and applies to all ads in that campaign.

  2. How to Move an AdWords Campaign Without Breaking it

    When moving ad groups between campaigns, make sure that higher-level campaign settings, such as ad delivery, rotation, and campaign-level negative keywords, don't hinder your recently-moved ad group. Impressions, clicks, and conversions were down.

  3. Compare & Contrast: Ad Guidelines At Overture & Google

    For instance, an ad in the top position with Google AdWords failing to get a 0.5 percent clickthrough rate on Google alone or 1 percent if on Google and its ad partners such as AOL may be dropped from rotation (the rate is less for other positions).