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Ad Campaigns Installments

  1. Measuring a Text Ad's Effectiveness

    If you've been following previous installments of this column, you've probably spotted the obvious flaw in this ad group: the keywords are not as closely-related to each other as they should be. This week, you'll learn how to compare the...

  2. Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability

    If you've followed the advice in previous installments regarding building tightly-themed ad groups, you won't need to be concerned at this point with individual keyword bids, since the few keywords in each ad group will likely exhibit similar...

  3. PPC Keyword Sets: Words to the Wise

    of you will read this article, and future installments, and conclude that the methods I describe are way too time-consuming. There's a similar misunderstanding about automated bid management software: advertisers want to believe they can quickly...

  4. Killer Site Targeting: PPC Content Scrape & Bake Tools

    In the last two installments of this column, I described using tools and techniques for coming up with the best keyword sets for keyword-targeted content ad groups. This week I'll turn to a new method for finding sites for Google AdWords placement...

  5. Landing Page Neglect: Are You Losing Money?

    In future installments of this column I'll share my experiences about how to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages through scientific testing, and turn them from a liability to a real engine of growth for your company.