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  1. 15 Ways to Avoid Reputation Roadkill @ClickZ Live #czlny

    Beal cited the example of Pearl Izumi, which created an ad where a runner was giving CPR to a dog. Ninety-seven percent of consumers do online research when making purchasing decisions, so what they find could impact your bottom line, either...

  2. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    The "discount ad" is one of the most effective display ads amongst the Chinese population. This type of ad can be placed as a banner in apps, such as in gaming apps. Advertisers should find a way to be a part of these social media conversations due...

  3. 3 Reasons Why SMBs Should Have a Website-First Marketing Strategy

    When prospective customers visit your website after seeing a compelling television ad or finding your organization on Google, the website's role at this point is to enhance your brand, build value in the product or service you provide, and...

  4. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Display: The display-ad content and campaigns from which traffic originated Budgets and Bids: Helping users decide where to invest resources, allocating between search and display, YouTube, and various other online opportunities.