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Active Server Pages

  1. Top Google Website Optimization Resources

    If you're having DNS issues, server connectivity issues, problems reaching the robots.txt file, or a laundry list of 404 errors, you can review them here and begin fixing them. This resource breaks down how Google discovers, crawls, and serves web...

  2. Search Industry Call to Arms: SOPA, Keyword Not Provided and Lying SEOs

    It's not about markup code and server issues that need fixing anymore. You have no more right to rank at the top of Google than the billions of other web pages out there. Search Engine Watch Director Jonathan Allen looks for the silver lining...

  3. SEO Burn Notice: When You’re a Blogger, A Scorched Earth Policy Is a Bad Idea

    Content isn’t hosted on your server, but on Tumblr, so no root file access s say you aren’t worried about those pesky SEO issues. Well, from the web at least, he (hopefully) kept a copy somewhere, but wow, thousands of pages of content, content...

  4. Search Engine Submission 101, Part 1

    To see if you've been indexed, you can check your server log for Google's robot, Googlebot. Search engines prefer finding your site and associated Web pages on their own. This also goes for new pages of your site.

  5. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Server issues and downtimes have been greatly improved, but they're still an issue. Business Use: Setting up fan and group pages is a good way for loyal users to engage and take ownership of your brand.