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  1. Competitive Analysis: How to Become an SEO Hero in 4 Steps

    She had been operating largely on the assumption that Acme’s online competitors and brick-and-mortar competitors were one and the same. To make the case, we’re going to introduce our hero ‘Ann’, the SEO manager for Acme Co.a medium-sized clothing...

  2. FTC Sets New Guidelines for Blogger Endorsements and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    One such scenario is a blogger who already writes glowing reviews of Acme Video Game company. But, if you're a blogger, I recommend something like "Acme video game company sent me a free copy of this hot new game and here is my review.

  3. Don't Overlook Local Search Opportunities

    For example, a Facebook fan page or Squidoo page for "ACME Memphis Painters. Nope. I'm older than that. My background includes years in advertising sales. Radio, television, print/newspaper, and interactive -- I covered them all.

  4. Link Building 101, Part 2

    How many of you have used this phrase: "to learn more about Acme Widgets click here," where the link is on the word "here. If Acme Widgets is the keyword phrase you want to optimize, then make sure it's the phrase that has the link.