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  1. Back to School 2014 Trends: How Search Marketers Can Get Ready Now [Study]

    When it comes to dorm shopping, dorm furnishing like bedding, refrigerators and decor show early back-to-school shopping interest, starting in the spring of the previous academic year. Another term that's been gaining search interest year-over-year...

  2. Inorganic vs. Organic Backlinking Strategies: Getting Back to Basics

    In the academic world, when content is published in the form of a thesis there are citations within the content that point to other relevant content from authoritative sources that support the content, thus making it more relevant to the reader.

  3. SearchDay | Revisiting 2008 Search Predictions

    Though he hails from a small academic institution, he's unveiled a whale of a problem going on at Facebook (read, don't skim, for the exciting conclusion). David challenges us to "do a Google search on the term "buy nike mercurial aero vapor sneakers.

  4. Look Out PageRank, There's a New Algorithm in Town

    The old way was garnered from the scientific method of giving weight to articles referenced by other academic articles. Microsoft may have some short-term success, but it doesn't appear to offer the answer needed in our rapidly multiplying...

  5. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    I review several academic papers a year. Not leaving the world of spam, but turning to academic study of it, Sherman asked Cutts about a group that he belongs to that studies "adversarial information retrieval" (essentially, how to run a search...

  6. Searching BG, Before Google, And The Need To Search Better

    After all, Tenner said this was an academic term. Anything in particular about the academic field issues on how it should be taught, biases, publications? Now you complain that they are failing to give you concentrated results on just one thing...