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  1. Automotive Mobile Ad Strategies Must Consider Varied Purchase Drivers & Timing

    By incorporating these key drivers into mobile ad campaigns, marketers can better capture mobile auto buyers by prominently including relevant information and competitive deals, as well as local business information such as phone number and...

  2. SEOs Expect ROI, Headcounts & Influence to Increase in 2013 at Conductor #C3NY

    As discussed yesterday with Hugo Guzman, there are a number of ways that search can influence other departments. Similarly, the goals of survey respondents was fairly evenly distributed across a number of typical operational factor.

  3. CEOs Worldwide In Tune with Implications & Impact of Social Media [Study]

    A majority of the over 1,700 CEOs interviewed for IBM’s 2012 Global CEO Study believe technology will be the number one factor to impact an organization’s structure over the next three years. IBM’s interviews uncovered a number of interesting...

  4. Hulu Buries YouTube With 4x More Ad Views – Are Advertisers Afraid of YouTube?

    Americans viewed more than 5.6 billion video ads in August, with Hulu generating the highest number of video ad impressions at 996 million. In addition, a number of advertisers limit themselves to running advertising against only “scripted” content.