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  1. AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal

    AOL News - Hundreds of stories and live breaking news from the AP, Reuters, Extra, ABC, CNN and CBS. In2TV" offering, the first on-demand Broadband Television Network with the largest collection of free TV programming anywhere on the Web;

  2. Video Search: Still "Early Days"

    This includes entertainment clips from ABC, HBO, and NBC; news footage from CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC; as well as user-generated content.blinkx.TV uses meta data, speech recognition, visual analysis, text on the page, and other factors to determine...

  3. Google Faces Plenty Of Competition In Online Video Rental & Sales Marketplace

    You'll find TV shows from ABC, NBC, USA Network, Sci-Fi This service (Windows only) allows the user to rent both new and old films (over 2500) and other video content to view online or offline on their computer or television.