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  1. Google AdWords Keyword Match Types and Negatives: The Ultimate Guide

    Close variations include misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings, abbreviations, and accents. Keywords with the "+" sign must appear in the user's search exactly or as a close variant, such as misspellings, singular/plural...

  2. Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Across Different Languages

    They also tend not to deal well with slang, colloquialisms, abbreviations, and the “text-speak” that often crops up online. Many job seekers and college graduates have already found out the hard way the importance of their online reputations.

  3. Google Introduces New Pagination Tags, Pushes ‘View-All’ Pages

    For those of you who dislike abbreviations, feel free to use rel="previous" as a syntactic variant. Google also emphasized they want to show single-page versions in search results. Pagination s possible pagination is happening on your site without...