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Ab Testing

  1. Key Takeaways From 5 A/B Tests With Significant Results

    To explain this further, let's take a look at a pricing A/B test Six Pack Ab Exercises ran. Interested in some real-life evidence of how A/B testing can generate significant lift in profit? A/B testing is not something you do once and then forget...

  2. Life after SERP: A/B Split and Multivariate Testing

    If there are two variables with two states, again A or B, then there are four outcomes: AA, AB, BA, and BB, which is 2 to the 2nd power. A/B testing and/or multivariate testing is one of the best ways to improve results for your Web site.

  3. Building A Search Team

    There is ability to make keyword selections, AB testing and ROI measurement, as well as knowledge of the ever-changing engine rules. What you need to be aware of is that you can't grab something that has been successful in one language and just...

  4. Yahoo Adds NOYDIR Tag

    The ability to more directly determine how people perceive us is critical for effective marketing as well as AB testing, etc. Finally we get to undo the silly descriptions the Yahoo directory editors foisted upon us.

  5. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    AB Split-Testing and the Search Engine Results Pages Small Business Ideas Forum Similar to a 'traditional' AB split-test where a single page element is rotated in and out of the visitors' experience in order to determine whether that element has an...