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  1. AIFMD: hedge funds reported to be struggling with reporting

    The third service level is aimed at fund management companies that use a number of custodians. Many hedge funds will struggle with submitting their first Annex IV reports to regulators which are due today (October 31) under the Alternative...

  2. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    We’ve entered the era of intelligent content that is laced with smart optimization and is penned by qualified writers who have a name, rank, and serial number of credentials and influence. Search and social media writing - we’ve come a long way in...

  3. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Just Kicked Off

    The most shares (3.3 million) from Super Bowl 2013 were recorded on Super Bowl Monday (February 4) – twice as many as the next biggest day, February 5 (1.6 million shares) and nine times bigger than the number of shares recorded on Super Bowl Sunday.

  4. How to Report Organic Search Traffic Gains After Filtering 'Bad' Traffic

    While analytics shows us a large number of folks dropping off at this point, to date the client has not made the modification. We also don't have any sales via phone calls that we can report against (yet this we site prominently displays its 800...

  5. YouTube Now Gets More Than 1 Billion Unique Visitors Every Month

    In fact, in 2012 the number of Gen C viewers who regularly watch YouTube on smartphones caught up to the number of viewers tuning in on their PCs.percent of Gen C watch YouTube on two devices or more, compared to 53 percent of the general population.

  6. As Goes Paid Search, So Goes the Election?

    Despite the Romney campaign seeming to have an edge in terms of the number of supporting organizations, Obama’s campaign was the clear leader across a number of key metrics. In the wake of last month’s presidential election, we’ve heard plenty of...

  7. Taobao SEO: A Guide to One of the World's Largest Consumer Marketplaces

    There are also a number of off-page opportunities to build relevancy, links and better ranking. There are many different answers to this question – from fully optimizing campaigns on Baidu, Google China and the many social networks in China – but...