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404 Page Not Found

  1. Google Webmaster Tools Now Finds Smartphone Crawl Errors

    Not found errors and soft 404s: A page can show a "not found" message to Googlebot, either by returning an HTTP 404 status code or when the page is detected as a soft error page. They’ve made some changes to their crawl errors page to include...

  2. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    When testing and crawling the top landing pages from the old site, they 404 (Page Not Found). Sometimes my analysis reveals a number of exact match anchor text links from certain pages or sections on the site that aren't readily visible on the page.

  3. 10 Website Quality Indicators That Can Sink Your SEO Battleship

    Especially check for “404 page not found” issues or “500 server issues”. This penalty might be an algorithmic filter at the keyword or page level, but more likely the penalty you receive will be manual and these are often the hardest from which to...