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  1.'s Top Questions of 2009: Refreshing, Existential and Disturbing

    What is Miley Cyrus' phone number? gets a lot of their search queries in the form of a question - more so than any other search engine. So, it makes sense that their end-of-the-year list features questions instead of keywords.

  2. Baidu Enters Mobile Search Agreement with China Unicom

    Baidu's search will be embedded in China Unicom's 3G phone modules. Baidu has been selected by China Unicom to provide wireless search for its 3G mobile subscribers. We are very excited to join hands with China Unicom today following our...

  3. Breaking the Norm with Search

    Imagine a TomTom GPS and a cell phone, for example. You could expand on this type of document by writing about how to integrate your cell phone(s) into certain make and model cars. I get this question over and over again: "How do we break into search?

  4. Trulia Rolls Out Three New Interactive Features

    For other mobile phone users, you can use an interactive mobile map. Real estate search engine Trulia today announced three new features to assist home buyers, sellers and agents. Personalized news feeds, mobile applications, and a blogging...

  5. Universal Thoughts on Local Search

    These listings go beyond just your name, address, and phone number. Local search is showing up in your Web browser, at your desk, on your phone, and on your GPS devices -- and these are just the easy examples.

  6. Google's Sergey Brin on Local Mobile Search

    On a rough order of magnitude, imagine that 30 times as many searches per user might be done by an iPhone user as compared to a conventional cell phone. He noted Google has been talking for awhile about the fact that when you're on a mobile phone...

  7. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog iPhone Applications That Accelerate Mobile Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 11, 2008 Apple is releasing the next generation of its popular iPhone today, and users of the first gen phone (including yours...

  8. comScore Acquires M:Metrics

    MobiLens is a syndicated monthly online survey that captures overall mobile phone usage of a representative sample of more than 40,000 mobile device users. comScore has acquired mobile measurement company M:Metrics.