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302 Redirect

  1. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    Examples of dirt are if we click on a URL and we see a redirect, a 404 or a 500 code. On sites with millions of pages indexed, technical problems can sometimes yield catastrophic results. Even if a problem was the result of an honest mistake...

  2. In-House SEO: Top 3 SEO Initiatives Before the Year End Freeze

    SEO Change 3: 301 Redirect Reasons could vary, but you want to make sure you have no 302 redirect issue before the site development freeze and all your 302s are converted into 301 redirects. A couple free tools that let you check if you have a...

  3. SEO Techniques for Large Sites: How to Maximize Product Visibility in Organic Search

    For those items that will someday return, consider using a 302 redirect to point them at the relevant category. As an alternative to upselling on expired product pages, consider using a 301 to permanently redirect that URL to the closest (lowest...

  4. SEO Site Review: Time to Clean Up Home-Yard

    We have a 404 page/URL showing in Google, which is then 302 (temporary redirect -- no good for SEO) redirected to another 404 page. I ended up with so many quality Web sites that I may just review another site next week.

  5. SEO Web Site Review: Water Filter Corner

    When you decide that this tactic is right for you, be sure to 301 (permanent) redirect your old/legacy URLs to their new location. This quarter's SEO Web site review selection is very interesting, and should be useful to many readers.

  6. Tin Foil Hat? I Have Mine On

    Or, if they manage to remember the redirection, they may institute a 302 (temporary) redirect rather than a 301 (permanent) redirect. In this same post, Google says a rewritten URL can slightly increase your CTR, although there isn't a "significant...

  7. Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    The home page is often used to redirect people in the event of a dead or non-existent page. The call to the server generates a 301 redirect to the custom 404 page described above, but most important, it returns a "Server Response" of 404 not found.