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301 — Moved Permanently

  1. Hosting Issues and SEO

    Moved Permanently. In summation, this means the document has permanently moved to a new location, and search engines should reference the new location. This is commonly referred to as "temporarily redirected," which means the document has moved to...

  2. Conducting a Redirect Audit on Your Web Site - Part 2

    Document moved permanently Last week I talked about why conducting a redirect audit on your Web site is important for SEO purposes. Oftentimes, during the audit you'll discover redirects that are occurring on your Web site that need to be fixed.

  3. Bungled Search Engine Optimization - Cleaning Up the Mess

    A 301 redirect communicates to the search engines that a page has been moved permanently. Many advertising agencies, design firms, and even web hosting companies offer search engine marketing services for their customers.