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  1. How Vine Has Changed the Video Landscape in Just 12 Months

    This makes sense as more brands invest in supplementing their Vine launches with paid media, which will in turn drive more shares. Vine will become instrumental for brands looking to capitalize on real-time video marketing opportunities at tent...

  2. 6 Tips For Hiring a Real Social Media Marketer

    Perhaps the number one topic of commentary was to further define the skill sets and education of a social media marketer (SMM). As a result of the initial article, I was contacted by a company who had just hired a social media manager.

  3. Branded Videos Shared More Than 500,000 Times Every 24 Hours

    Devra Prywes, Unruly's Marketing Director, added, "Creating and distributing shareable content for social media is at the top of the agenda for CMOs, and brands can use the Lab experience to pinpoint exactly what's trending.

  4. Focus on Who, What and How Before Crowdfunding Your Project

    Research and organize a list of influential media people (social and traditional) to engage and share campaign info. From a crowdfunding perspective, you'll work with available content, offers, channels and relationships in order to engage and...

  5. Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

    Increase engagement with our brand via website and social media referrals. Clearly this number also reflects a general increase in social networking and content sharing across the web and mobile devices, but a more active brand engagement should...