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20th Century

  1. Multi-Channel Analytics: An Interview With SES San Francisco Speaker Andrew Edwards

    They tend to be surreal-mythical in nature with a focus on mid-20th century iconography. The comprehensive agenda of this conference will walk you through the new marketing landscape of converged media will be led by industry practitioners and...

  2. Google Play, YouTube & Others Getting 600+ 20th Century Fox Movies, TV Shows

    A new initiative from 20th Century Fox called The Digital HD project is bringing over 600 new movie and TV titles to users of Google Play and YouTube, among others. The NewsCorp leader (owner of 20th Century Fox) accused Google of being one of the...

  3. Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson Star as Google Interns in New Movie

    Georgia Tech confirmed in a post on their website their campus had been selected for filming, noting that “Georgia Tech’s Office of Capital Planning and Space Management has worked closely with 20th Century Fox to ensure minimal disruption during...

  4. 5 Things That Haven’t Changed Online Since 1997 & 5 Lessons for Marketers

    Maybe one day someone will find the perfect solution, probably based on the Dewey Decimal System and peer review – hell, it got us through to the 20th century just fine and I'm pretty sure there was always just as much information in the world as...

  5. YouTube Does More Than Round Up the Usual Suspects With New Channels

    Hey, that’s not what I learned about mass marketing when I went to college – back in the 20th century. But it’s the 21st century now. That’s what marketers want to round up in the 21st century. Last Friday, Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Global Head of...

  6. 5 Reasons Why "Sears Blue Blogger Crew" Is A True-Blue 2011 Strategy

    Sears, one of the oldest and largest big box retailers of the 20th century, have announced a nifty 21st century marketing strategy. They are going to be sending 5 established tech bloggers to the much anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show.

  7. Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

    If this trend is confirmed, expensive and time-consuming 20th-century survey and polling methodologies could indeed soon be replaced by the study of publicly available data on social site -- IF and only if the issues raised above are solved first.