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  1. How to Increase Conversions for Your Best (and Worst) Performing Keywords in 6 Steps

    OK, so you've unearthed your highest converting keywords. Traffic that doesn't convert? Not so great. Don't get me wrong. I like big traffic numbers just as much as the next guy. In fact, sustained organic traffic growth means what I'm doing is...

  2. 13 Twitter PR Secrets to Report News, Gain Publicity, & Build Relationships

    Ok so maybe not in that order, but both are important. Companies and organizations breaking news via a tweet is the new “normal” of public relations, media relations, and social marketing. When SEOmoz announced the rebranding move to just “Moz...

  3. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    It's OK to geek-out about it. Check out these handy formulas for calculating tangible social media benefits – advertising, content, leads,research, support, sales, and more! My earlier post, "Social Media ROI: How to Define a Strategic Plan...

  4. A Few Lessons I Learned About Online Writers Down on the Content Farm

    Content Writers Have Their Rights Trampled on a Daily Basis and Are OK With It Until earlier this year, I wrote for several of the organizations now lovingly known as content farms (I know, booo, hiss!