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2007 q4 2008

  1. Battling Click Fraud is Important for All Involved

    Seems everyone sees the presence of click fraud, but we're just disagreeing about the numbers. Click Forensics published its numbers for click fraud during Q4 2008 and it appears the fraud numbers are climbing.

  2. Click Fraud Increased Slightly in Q4 2008

    Click Forensics has released click fraud data for the fourth quarter of 2008. The click fraud rate grew slightly year-over-year. Here are the primary findings: The overall industry average click fraud rate grew to 17.1 percent for Q4 2008.

  3. Search a Bright Spot for Yahoo, too

    Last week, Microsoft reported earnings, and announced that even amid job cuts in other areas, the company would continue to add jobs in its search business. Tuesday, Yahoo reported earnings for Q4 and 2008, and again search was noted as a bright...

  4. Online Display Ad Pricing Drops in Q4 2008

    Pubmatic has released online ad pricing data for the fourth quarter 2008. They found that ad pricing dropped in Q4, likely due to an all too unstable economy. Here's what they found: All sizes of websites (small, medium, and large) were down...

  5. SearchDay | Should You Target the Head or the Long Tail?

    Today's Top Story: MarkJackson Should Your SEO Strategy Target the Head or the Long Tail? COLUMN: AU NATURAL If you're focused on ranking for that one major keyword, having a deep Web site full of great content is necessary to achieve authority in...

  6. SearchDay | Writing Sales Copy for Conversions

    Today's Top Story: TimAsh Writing Sales Copy for Conversions BY THE NUMBERS One of the most common components you can test is sales copy. Changing your approach to writing can often lead to a double-digit increase in conversion rates.

  7. Paid Search Spend up 12% in Q4 2008

    Paid search spending was up 12% in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the same quarter in 2007, according to SearchIgnite. We've been hearing that advertising dollars were being shifted online, with the strategy accelerated by the rough economy.

  8. Retail Search Ad Spend Up 33% So Far in Q4 2008

    SearchIgnite has released data showing that the search ad spend for retailers is up 33% so far in the fourth quarter of 2008. The reason appears to be that multi-channel marketers are funneling more money to search, which has strong data on ROI.

  9. 3 CEOs with 3 Strategies for SEO Success

    In the last few weeks, Search Engine WarGames has looked at how Bankrate's CEO invested in search engine optimization to bolster revenues and profits. Then we discussed how Wayne Gattinella, WebMD's CEO and president, values SEO as a key driver...

  10. Google Leads UK Q1 2008 Search Engine Spending

    Google leads in UK search engine spending for the first quarter of 2008, according to data released by Efficient Frontier. The search engine enjoyed 85% of the market. Click-Through Rates (CTR) actually saw a slight decline for Google over Q4 2007...

  11. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    So far, we've shared some New Years Resolutions, and predictions from several search marketers and social media marketers. I asked many of those same marketers what they would most like to see from search engines in 2008.