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1 Day Opening Keynote

  1. Future Forward - Shifts in the Digital Revolution at #SESLON

    In the opening keynote of SES London on Tuesday, "Future Forward - Shifts in the Digital Revolution," Dave Coplin, chief envisioning officer of advertising and online at Microsoft UK, focused on the changing web and the importance of context and...

  2. Facebook - A Love Story: Using Earned & Paid Media to Better Attract & Engage Customers

    In the opening keynote at SES San Francisco, Avinash Kaushik discussed “Business Optimization in the Digital Age” and compared companies that just measure Facebook “likes” to the equivalent of him marking down each person as a lover that only...

  3. Cross Training Workouts for Connected Marketing Week

    Next, I'd attend the Keynote Panel at SES San Francisco on Real-Time Storytelling. On Tuesday, August 17, I'd attend the Morning Keynote at SES San Francisco with Jeffrey W. Finally, before they ship my body home in a bag, I'll attend the Keynote...

  4. David Meerman Scott on The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    When I first glanced at the schedule for Search Engine Strategies New York, David Meerman Scott's opening keynote presentation jumped out at me, and not because it comes first. The tools are developing every day, and new tools are being created.

  5. Editor & Publisher Magazine Shutting Down After 108 Years

    And according to Jeff Jarvis, who gave the opening keynote at SES Chicago 2009 on Monday of this week, the newspaper industry and trade press have no one to blame but themselves. Or, listen to the entire Jeff Jarvis SES Chicago 2009 Keynote.

  6. Top Stories at SES Chicago 2009 on Day 1

    It was the opening keynote by Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do? For a summary, read "SES Chicago 2009 Opening Keynote with Jeff Jarvis" by Susan Esparza of The Bruce Clay Blog. In addition to the opening keynote, several of the...