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11 Attacks

  1. Avoiding Online Risks Kicking Off with the 2010 FIFA World Cup

    One of the latest PDF attacks took advantage of an Adobe Reader vulnerability that was recently patched. Targeted Phishing Attacks Each of these types of social engineering attacks operate by enticing people to make an interactive choice, infecting...

  2. Google's New Approach to China: A Closer Look at the Attack Heard 'Round the Web

    And there's little wonder why the so-called "Aurora" attacks are drawing so much interest; the attacks were focused in part on the Internet's most popular search engine (as well as more than 30 other large corporations).

  3. Axis of AML

    The Bush administration's 2001 Patriot Act added to the US regulatory arsenal, shifting the target firmly in favour of international CTF in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US and the newly perceived threat of global terror.

  4. Putnam Investments - A specialist approach

    Peaks include 65bp in August last year, 98bp during the LTCM crisis and 60 to 65bp after the 9/11 attacks, which raised many questions about the CMBS market. The firm says a further $3.7 billion is due to be added to the total in the Core Global...

  5. Search Records Requests under Patriot Act Ruled Unconstitutional

    The Patriot Act, passed shortly after the Sept.attacks, broadly expanded the government's powers to conduct anti-terrorism investigations. Yesterday controversial elements of the Patriot Act were ruled unconstitutional by federal district court...

  6. Is Google News the Tail Wagging the News Search Dog?

    But it doesn't begin to explain why journalists and bloggers seem fixated on the news search engine that Krishna Bharat, a principal scientist at Google, created in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks to keep him abreast of developments.

  7. Daily SearchCast, July 26, 2006: Google Use Of Landing Pages For Ad Rank Raises Issues; Google Now Reporting Invalid Clicks? Google Parachute (Beta) & More!

    The programs then use the computers to send out mass-email spam and/or for "internet attacks. Tune-in by listening to this MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our

  8. Daily SearchCast, June 14, 2006: MySpace To Auction Search Traffic; Google Picasa Gets Photo Sharing; NY State Says Shame On Google Video; Is That Google Earth In My Coffee Table? & More!

    Peter Da Vanzo has posted information on XSS Redirects XSS and Redirection Attacks, which makes for a nice and interested educational read and Moveable Type Backlink Exploit that makes me a little depressed (running MovableType and all).