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  1. YouTube Investment in VEVO Would Strengthen its Top Position in Online Video Rankings

    Internet users watched 38.7 billion online content videos in December 2012, while video ad views totaled 11.3 billion. Among the top 10 YouTube partners, Machinima demonstrated the highest engagement (68 minutes per viewer) followed by Maker...

  2. comScore: Online Video Content Reaches Record 188 Million U.S. Viewers

    Internet users watched online content videos that month. Internet users watched 37.7 billion online content videos in August 2012. The duration of the average online content video was 6.7 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.

  3. Average American Viewer Watched Over 200 Videos for Almost 22.3 Hours in July 2012

    Internet users watched 36.9 billion online content videos in July 2012. Third, the average American viewer watched online videos for 1,336.8 minutes (22.3 hours) in July 2012. Second, the duration of the average online content video was 6.7 minutes...

  4. How to Visualize the Ridiculously Big Numbers Representing Global Online Video Usage

    Finally, an analysis of selected markets with the highest penetration of online video viewing revealed that 93.6 percent of Internet users in Turkey watched video during the month, followed by Canada with 90.9 percent of web users consuming video.

  5. Hulu Buries YouTube With 4x More Ad Views – Are Advertisers Afraid of YouTube?

    Internet users watched online video content in August 2011 for an average of 18 hours per viewer. If you drill down into the data, then Hulu is delivering 38.1 ads per viewer, who is visiting Hulu for an average 6.3 sessions a month, each of which...

  6. Look Who Is Monetizing their 15 Minutes of Fame on YouTube

    So, I waited .and I watched. Joshua Siegel, YouTube's Product Manager, Upload and Video Management, encouraged users to tag their video with "yt15minutes," upload it by Wednesday, August 4, and a select handful of people would truly gain their 15...