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  1. Asia Risk Congress 2014 – photogallery

    Wright used colourful language to highlight the importance of individual qualities in the leaders of the world’s financial institutions, while senior supervisors from the UK, India and Japan described the challenges facing their home markets.

  2. Nationwide: ABS markets need more than warm words

    Traditionally, Nationwide's assets and liabilities committee (Alco) would be the home for discussions on managing liquidity through, for example, the purchase of liquid government bonds. "There does seem to be this sense in which covered bonds are...

  3. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    Or you could be writing for Stay-at-Home Dad David who has five minutes to get his java fix refill before the after school carpool. Hiring nameless, faceless, anonymous writers from underground sources at $25 a pop is so yesterday.

  4. FSB warns of spillovers from new bank structures

    The Volcker rule permits proprietary trading of government bonds by a retail bank, but only US government bonds and the home-country's bonds of a foreign subsidiary operating in the US. Some jurisdictions fear unintended consequences of reforms

  5. Manage Asia derivative risk locally, says Bank of England

    Banks in Asia should book and manage transactions closer to home as it leads to better risk management according to Paul Fisher, deputy head of the Prudential Regulation Authority and executive director, supervisory risk and regulatory operations...

  6. Asia needs regional securities depository within five years

    Indonesian or Filipino government bonds are not visible as collateral outside of their home markets, for example. Enough collateral in the system for now – but this will change While current levels of G-3 currency collateral are sufficient to meet...

  7. Japan FSA: cross-border recognition process too slow

    Moves by European and US regulators to recognise third-country regulations have been slow and lack transparency and there has been little evidence of the 2013 G-20 commitment to pay deference to home country supervisors actually being implemented...

  8. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    The first domain we have highlighted,, has strength in specific topics – "home," "recreation," and "shopping. Links pointing to each domain are algorithmically assigned to a primary topic – arts, business, computers, health, home, and...

  9. Deutsche AWM masters India non-resident product risks

    This is a very logical place for it to be, because ultimately funds are a fiduciary product sitting within the asset and wealth management business, and from a risk management perspective the fund derivatives business has a natural home alongside...